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Type Picture Title Introduction Address
site (MitC featured) Illustration of the idea behind seeing Big Ben strike thirteen The 13 Strikes of Big Ben St Stephen's tower is, perhaps, the best known of London's landmarks. Equally, Big Ben,... Westminster, London WC2R 2, UK
site (MitC featured) The Beehive, St John's College, Oxford The Beehive, Oxford In St John’s College, Oxford, one of the buildings is hexagonal in shape. Was this hexagonal... St John’s College, St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JP, UK.
site (MitC featured) A stone and glass bridge spanning across a road The Bridge of Sighs, Oxford Oxford is famous for its breath-taking architecture and history, and amongst the theatres and... Oxford OX1 3BW, UK
site (MitC featured) St Paul's Cathedral The dome of St Paul's Cathedral, London One of London's most loved landmarks, St Paul's Cathedral, has looked over the city for... St Paul's Cathedral, St Paul's Church Yard, City of London, EC4M 8AD, UK
site (MitC featured) The Gateway Arch, St. Louis Missouri The Gateway Arch - A Trigonometric delight The Gateway Arch in St Louis was built as a monument to commemorate the pioneering spirit of the... Memorial Drive, St. Louis, Missouri, United States
site Image of Glass House Mountains playground scale version of mountains The Glass House Mountains, Queensland Australia The Glass House Mountains are located 70km north of Brisbane and consist of 12 mountains. These... Glass House Mountains QLD 4518, Australia
site (MitC featured) A building in Manchester that contains the golden ratio as shown by our golden m The Golden Ratio in Manchester Q. Ever wondered why things look so good? A. The Golden Ratio! Find out why nature, the...
site lord hill's column The Indicator My mum says that people in Shrewsbury don’t indicate at roundabouts. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK
snapshot The Mathematical Bridge The Mathematical Bridge is the popular name of a wooden footbridge across the River Cam, between... Queens' College, Silver St, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB3, UK
site (MitC featured) Tiled Hall, Leeds Library staircase and entrance to the Tiled Hall and art galle The mathematics of tiling The recently restored Leeds Tiled Hall cafe and the Central Library are stunning examples of... The Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AA, UK