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Type Picture Title Introduction Address
snapshot polyhedra Polyhedra in a round about in Castro Verde a mining village in Alentejo, Portugal. 7780 Castro Verde Municipality, Portugal
snapshot Polyhedra Polyhedra in a mining village roundabout. In this location explores pyrite which crystallizes in... Castro Verde, 7780 Castro Verde Municipality, Portugal
snapshot (MitC featured) Rewley House Rewley House is the home of the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford,... 1 Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JA, UK
snapshot Rhombus Shaped Windows A museum in Milan decided to use some rhombus shpaed windows instead of the classical squared... Civico Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Piazza del Duomo, 12, 20122 Milan, Italy
site Rose window 10: Lower Papal Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi Second leg in Assisi: it's impossibile to come here without visiting the lower Papal Basilica... Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, Piazza San Francesco, 2, 06081 Assisi PG, Italy
site Rose window 11: Basilica of S. Chiara, Assisi Third leg in Assisi: the beautiful Basilica of S. Chiara. Assisi is very rich in religious art so... Basilica di Santa Chiara, Piazza Santa Chiara, 1, 06081 Assisi PG
site Rose window 12: S. Pietro's church, Assisi Here we are with the last leg of our trip in Assisi. I'm going to examinate the interesting... San Pietro, Piazza San Pietro, 06081 Assisi PG, Italy
site Rose window 13: S. Caterina's church, Foligno Foligno is an ancient town on the Topino river where it leaves the Apennines and enters the wide... Via Santa Caterina, 06034 Foligno PG, Italy
site rose window 14: Orvieto Cathedral Orvieto is a comune in Province of Terni, southwestern Umbria, situated on the flat summit of a... Duomo di Orvieto, Piazza del Duomo, 26, 05018 Orvieto TR
site Rose window 15:S.S. Annunziata Chatedral, Todi Todi is perched on a tall two-crested hill overlooking the east bank of the river Tiber, commanding... BASILICA CONCATTEDRALE DI MARIA SS.MA ANNUNZIATA IN TODI, Parco Fluviale del Tevere, Piazza del Popolo, 1, 06059 Todi PG, Italy