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How long it would take to fall off various famous buildings!


Calculating the time taken for an object to fall from a certan height is a hard calculation, and I am only going to give a crude approximation, as the full calculation is very complex and is not suited to the theme of this competition.


 To calculate the falling time taken by an object to fall off a certan distance, you must take the acceleration due to gravity of an object is 9.81 m/s2 (meters per second per second) down, The amount of displacement resulting from a given acceleration over time is .5at2, where t is the amount of time (in seconds) and the amount of displacement we need to equal is the height of the roof of the building. In this case we will use the Empire State which is 381 m (1250 ft). After substituting our values into the displacement/acceleration equation, giving us:

 -381 = .5(-9.81)t2*
*(the 2 represents squared)
We can find our amount of time by isolating t. Doing this give us our final result of 8.81 seconds.
Now we know the equation, we can do this with any height such as:
Big Ben - 96.3m (-381 = .5(-9.81)t2)
BT Tower - 189m (-189 = .5(-9.81)t2)
Blackpool Tower - 158m (-158 = .5(-9.81)t2)
Buckingham Palace - 68m (-68 = .5(-9.81)t2)
And so on with any building you want, this is a very crude approximate however.
Big Ben,
Big Ben, Bridge St, Westminster, London SW1A 2, UK.

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