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The unique combination of maths being rooted in your city was an essential idea that we took forward to develop and improve. With that being said, we are off to release our mission of viewing successive changes of implementing maths in the city and helping the generation solve their thirst for knowledge.

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What is Maths in the City?

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The maths doesn’t have to be difficult. The role that familiar shapes such as triangles, squares and hexagons have in our buildings can be an exciting a story. And there is no shortage of places to uncover mathematical stories. Whether it is a common feature of every city, or something special to a particular building, you can find maths hiding almost everywhere you look. When creating signage this really comes in play, American Sign Letters uses math each day for clients. 

Latest Updates

Importance of Mathematics in Everyday Life

Importance of Mathematics in Everyday Life

Mathematics is an important subject for students throughout their academic life. It can take a lifetime to learn every single formula or theorem for a person. The students may feel that what they learn at school is not important as it does not help them in their daily...

5 Types of Math Used In Computer Science

5 Types of Math Used In Computer Science

Mathematics is a complex field that is present in every industry in one way or the other. Even artists require math to create masterpieces. In the age of technology, computers are capable of making complex calculations in a second. With the help of computer science,...

Mathematics in the City

Mathematics in the City

Importance of Mathematics People may take math as a methodical study that one needs to solve complex equations in the books. The only benefit that everyone knows about math is that it can make people more organized and methodical. While some may like to call it a nerd...

Mathematics And Its Applications in Daily Lives

Mathematics And Its Applications in Daily Lives

People may look at mathematics as a complex subject that they need to study for school and higher studies. It involves complicated formulas, theorems, and a range of calculations that may not come in handy in real-life situations. But, mathematics is a universal...

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