Importance of Mathematics

People may take math as a methodical study that one needs to solve complex equations in the books. The only benefit that everyone knows about math is that it can make people more organized and methodical. While some may like to call it a nerd move, it is actually a great way to add perfection to your ideas. Mathematics not only help make our life easier, but it also gives us more practical solutions for almost everything and prevents any silly mistakes. With the skills to solve math problems, one also learns how to have better reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving in real life. Mathematics is the creator of most of the things that we see around us, including a neatly designed piece of art and the building we are living in. Nature also has a way of using math to function in sync with other things. We can see geometrical patterns everywhere in nature, which gives us plenty of examples of how important it is to understand mathematics.

Learning mathematics can be made better if we implement the right practices that teach students its importance rather than teaching them how to do it. Students need to know how their knowledge of math will help them. An emphasis should be done on the development of clear control of math in a student.

methodical study

Mathematics in the City (MitC)

Mathematics in the City is a national center of research, professional development, and curriculum development that provides the K-8 level mathematics. It was established in 1995 under Professor Cathy Fosnot. Today is directed by Despina A. Stylianou. It has also made collaborations with the City College of New York, the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, and the Freudenthal Institute. The National Science Foundation has also funded MITC. The Exxon-Mobil Foundation and the Department of Education of New York City have also made significant contributions to the year-to-year operations of the MITC organization.

Over the years, Mathematics in the City has become a national community with thousands of teachers from across the nation taking part in workshops organized by MITC. Teachers and schools also refer to MITC at the times when the students need the right guidance for learning math. The staff developers provide training programs for on-site and in-classroom work.

The aim of Mathematics in the City

Mathematics in the City aims to offer a professional platform for K-8 mathematics education to the citizens. They provide summer institutes, workshops, and several other professional development opportunities, that help anyone learn the basic and advanced level mathematics with certification. Some of the publications from MITC include Contexts for Learning Mathematics, Young Mathematicians at Work, and Models of Intervention. It offers elementary and middle school level education facilities with the help of other communities and organizations. Mathematics is so important in everything just ask residential elevators long island who has had issues when the math doesnt add up.