Mathematics is a complex field that is present in every industry in one way or the other. Even artists require math to create masterpieces. In the age of technology, computers are capable of making complex calculations in a second. With the help of computer science, we are capable of processing complex information, designing hardware and software, and creating functional applications. The knowledge of mathematics is necessary to understand the function of computers. There are five important math subjects that are used in computer science.

math subjects

Binary Math

Binary math is the foundation of computer operations and the one that is used most commonly in computer science. Binary is used to symbolize every number or alphabet on the computer. It is also an alternative to the decimal system. It helps in simplifying the computer design. Several programming functions require a hexadecimal number system, which is also necessary for programming functions. Every small calculation that a computer does goes through a binary math process to identify the problem and deliver accurate results.

College Algebra

Several concepts of algebra are used in computer science, including linear equations, exponents, quadratic equations, and more. College algebra in computer science focuses on creating graphs, algebraic relationships, and functions that can help students create better and faster solutions for complex problems. Algebra is used in programs for the development of better mathematical objects. Algebra is also used in creation of special signs especial when creating custom metal signs for clients.


Statistics help users to determine the functions and performance of computer science. It uses models, representations, and synopses to provide a collection of information. This field of math is helpful in studying the methodologies that help in retrieving any data. Some of the elements of statistics include meaning, skewness, regression, etc. Statistics play a fundamental part in data mining, vision, image analysis, and variance. It is the necessary element to understand the algorithms and statistical properties of computer science.


Calculus determines the changes and the rates at which the changes occur. It helps in calculating the integral and derivative of functions. The two types of calculus are differential calculus and integral calculus. The differential calculus deals with the rate of change of a quantity, and the integral calculus calculates the quantity at which the rate is changed. Calculus is a part of computer science for areas that require graph, simulations, problem-solving, and areas that require statistical solvers.

Discrete math

It is any math that examines objects to be represented finitely. There are several concepts under discrete math. Discrete math is used in various areas such as architecture, machine learning, databases, computer systems, algorithms, and functional programming. It includes topics like logic, number theory, and probability. The problem-solving methods in discrete math are helpful in solving complicated software problems. It is also known as the foundation of all areas of computer science, and studying it is a must for people who join the computer science courses.