People may look at mathematics as a complex subject that they need to study for school and higher studies. It involves complicated formulas, theorems, and a range of calculations that may not come in handy in real-life situations. But, mathematics is a universal language that can be applied to almost every aspect of our lives. It is an important aspect of everything professional that exists in the world today. There are several applications of that that you probably did not know before. Here are some areas where math is applied for quality work and problem-solving.



Accounting is one of the most important departments that any business needs today for money management. Most of the business fail in their early years due to bad account management. Companies hire accountants and financial advisors for high salaries as they can save, invest, and distribute money according to the right priorities. All of these functions require a high level of mathematics, but even the basics can help individuals and children manage their accounts.

Architecture and construction

Every skyscraper that you see around the world is a result of high mathematic calculations and architectural designs. Math is the foundation of any construction work, starting from the distribution of land. The process involves setting targets, managing budgets, estimating costs, building effective and creative designs, all of which require a deep understanding of mathematics. Topics like trigonometry, calculus and statistics, geometry, and arithmetic calculations are important for the construction of any building.

Interior Design

Although a part of architecture, interior design is a special area where math plays a very important role. The designers use their best skills to manage interior space and create perfect solutions for people. It offers a more organized and healthier lifestyle to the people living in a well-designed space. The need for unique space designs and highly functional elements is what makes the interior designers earn big from their work. You, too, can realize while changing your home’s furniture layout that you are using calculations and practical ideas to make your living area more spacious and comfortable.


If you can calculate the distance from the place you are standing to the hoop and throw the ball with a calculated projectile, you can make that shot every single time without failing. It is not because you are a better sportsperson, but because you can apply math properly. While some players learn the analysis, the hard way by practicing, those who have previous knowledge in math can learn quicker in sports. Other factors in sports that math influences are probability, game theory, and logical reasoning.


Every hospital has to schedule checks on their patients and assign them the medicines in the right quantities. The surgeries, patient records, success rates of surgeries, number of beds or ambulances required, and training of prescriptions are some of the medical industry elements that require mathematics. All of these tasks are done using math, which provides estimates, operations, and medical supply records for hospitals and clinics. Body Mass Index is one of the most common examples of the use of math in medical science.